Hello! I'm Dr. Johnson Imumbhon Okoduwa, a passionate Mechanical Engineer and Data Analyst with a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. My journey spans over nine years across various industries, where I've honed my expertise in engineering systems, data analytics, and project management.

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Engineering Design and Analysis

Project Management and Agile Methodologies

“Engineering is the science of economy, of conserving energy, kinetic and potential, provided and stored up by nature for the use of man. It is the business of engineering to utilise this energy to the best advantage, so that there may be the least possible waste.”

- William A. Smith

Data Analytics and Visualization

Research and Development

Proven track record in academic and industrial research, achieving 100% of research goals and publishing significant findings.

Experience in UAV wing design and analyses, contributing to advancements in aerospace engineering.

Software Proficiency

Professional Development

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